Secure by Default.

Makes your e-mails confidential and secure for:

  • Lawyer - to - client communications
  • Lawyer - to - lawyer communications
  • Lawyer - to - law enforcement communications
  • Lawyer - to - third party communications

Protects attorney-client privilege.

Ensures no one can intercept your e-mails, including attachments.

Works with your existing e-mail account(s)

and more...

p≡p has built-in compatibility with already existing encryption infrastructure.

p≡p ensures that exchanged information with your clients is protected.

p≡p safeguards confidentiality by default.

Encrypts and anonymizes
your firm’s e-mail.

What lawyers are saying about p≡p

  • Prof. Dr. Sarah Spiekermann
    University of Economics and Business, Head of Institute for MIS, Vienna
    "p≡p is the coolest privacy solution I have seen in a long time. Finally this world is ramping up on encryption."
  • Rechtsanwalt Martin Steiger
    Lic. iur. HSG, attorney-at-law, Zürich
    "Trust is the hallmark of the client-lawyer relationship. p≡p makes it easy for lawyers to earn and guarantee this trust by using secure e-mail."
  • Meinhard Starostik
    Solicitor and Judge at the Constitutional Court, Berlin
    "We have been deprived of our privacy. It seems there is no one to help this but ourselves. p≡p is a wonderful device to do so."
  • Rechtsanwalt Viktor Györffy
    Lic. iur., attorney-at-law, Zurich
    "The p≡p concept doesn't just allow to protect the confidential contents of juridical communications, but also to hide the social networks of clients and other people involved."