Privacy by Default.

Makes your company’s e-mail secure and private.

Encrypts and anonymizes
your company’s e-mail.
No cloud service,
only you have the keys.
No central server, no
single point of vulnerability.

Prevents Identity Theft.
Kills Spam.
Stops Phishing.

Outlook Subscription Enterprise Subscription
Price per Year 24.99
Introductory Offer: 19.99
Minimum Users 1 500
License Desktop User
Where to buy Get p≡p Desktop Enquire
Usage Rights
Rights p≡p for Outlook Unlimited p≡p for Outlook,
Enterprise Functionality,
p≡p for Android,
p≡p for iOS
Support Online (FAQ & e-mail) Phone (9 - 5 CET) & Online
Updates Online Enterprise internal network

Works with your existing e-mail services

and more...

Easy to deploy

  • Device based.
  • Allowing mass deployment with no scaling issues and no end-user training.
  • Works with your security standards e.g. OTR, PGP, S/MIME, CMS etc.

Easy to manage

  • Available through a user based subscription which covers all of a user’s devices.
  • Enterprise Master Key to access all company e-mails.
  • Optional appliance for Key Escrow.

What CIOs are saying about p≡p

  • Lars Rabbe
    Former CIO of Yahoo & Skype
    "p≡p fills a need and it does for encryption the same thing that Skype did for VoIP: It takes an existing hard-to-use technology and makes it simple and easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits."
  • Greg Framke
    Former COO of E*TRADE
    "An end-to-end encryption solution that can be made operational without any end-user training is the dream of any CIO or CISO. Look no further - p≡p is such a solution!"
  • Toby Redshaw
    Former global CIO of American Express and Aviva
    "In a world where Intellectual Property, brand and reputation have become some of our most important assets, there is increasing risk as most companies still communicate with completely unprotected and unencrypted e-mails. This means that any interested party can intercept these communications. p≡p eliminates that risk and provides a completely secure, easy to implement solution."
  • Bob Ridout
    Former global CIO of Dupont
    "With today's geographically distributed business operations and with the critical role of Intellectual Property, secure electronic communications is an absolute must. p≡p provides the required end-to-end security solution automatically, without relying upon or impacting on our users."
  • Ed Toben
    Former global CIO of Colgate
    "Ninety per cent of hacking activities start with an e-mail that comes into one of your employees that has a malicious code in it and they open it. p≡p can safely authenticate the sender, mitigate the risk and as an added benefit, kills spam."
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